Design Process

Team Roles

Justina Yeung: Manager, Level Layout, Programmer, 2D/3D Animation

Nicole Polidore: 2D Animator, Sound Design, Programmer, UI Artist

Panyapha Leekitwattana (Jib): 3D Modeler and Animation, Programmer

You Jin Song: 3D Modeler and Animation, Programmer

Our development started by taking elements from each of our prototypes. The concept that we took from the first prototype was the idea of visual changes each time an event occurs or whenever you would interact with an object. The concept that we took from the second prototype was the concept of collecting. For the third prototype we took the concept of creation and lastly, from the fourth prototype, we took the idea of spatial changes as you progress.

From each of these ideas, we started by sketeching out what we wanted our environment to look like and decided to created a looping world with a monochromatic color scheme. Our initial concept included a changing environment as you progressed in the world. We wanted to incorporate anxiety and made it so that our character continued to get smaller, creating a sense of urgency to stay alive. We also wanted the world to seemingly get worse and intense as you progress, and added visual changes like lens distortion and vignette.

After the prototype, we added an inverted world for players to loop around. We wanted to increase the space for visual changes to occur. Some visual changes include optical illusions like hidden doors and patterns. After some playtesting, we discovered that our world was very linear even though it was a 2.5D game, and players wanted to explore more but couldn’t. To further the idea of exploration, instead of just visual changes we also added spatial changes like rooms and corridors.

Our core premise was to make players feel anxious but after some more playtesting, the idea no longer made sense. Many players were more intrigued and curious by the changes that were happening around them. As a result, we made exploration of our core concept. We wanted to make exploration captivating and enjoyable even though there were elements that induced anxiety or uneasiness. We continued to think of what could make players feel uneasy yet fascinated at the same time. 

When we changed our theme, there was no purpose for the character to keep shrinking. It also forced the task of collecting and took away from the experience of exploration. So we simply took it out and focused on the environmental changes in our world.

After some discussion, instead of having an inverted world, we made it so that the player would just loop through a single hallway, making it easier for players to spot differences in the environment. We also made the camera flip with the gravity, but that made players lose the perception that they were upside down. To fix this, we kept the camera rotation the same as gravity changes.

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