A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

By Nicole Polidore, Justina Yeung, Jib Leekitwattana and You Jin Song

Paradox is based on optical illusions, paranoia and anxiety. Discover a peculiar world full of obscure visions and unusual creatures. Inspired by the mesmerizing art of M.C. Escher and the black and white graphics of “KIDS,” by Playables, Paradox combines elements of mind-bending visuals and aspects of anxiety. Paradox conveys the idea that although there are elements that induce anxiety, exploration can still be captivating.

Team Roles:

Justina Yeung: Manager, Level Layout, Programmer, 2D/3D Animation
Nicole Polidore: 2D Animator, Sound Design, Programmer, UI Artist
Panyapha Leekitwattana (Jib): 3D Modeler and Animation, Programmer
You Jin Song: 3D Modeler and Animation, Programmer


Paradox_PC_Window.zip 45 MB
Paradox_MAC_mac.zip 45 MB

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