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Spooky strategy is a board game for 3+ players, whose objective is to collect a full set of body parts. (Brain, Head, Arms, Legs, Torso, and Back)


NICOLE: https://nicolepolidore.itch.io/

ANALISSE: https://a-shadow45.itch.io/


Objective: Collect a full set of body parts. (Brain, Head, Arm, Leg, Torso, Back) 


  1. Every player starts at the center of the board.
  2. There are 7 cards in each category (Brain, Head, Arm, Leg, Torso, Back). From the ratio below, pick the number of cards from each category at random and use those cards for the game.
    1. 3:1, 6:2, 9:3, 12:4
    2. 3 Players : 1 card
    3. 4 Player: 1 card
    4. 5 Payers: 2 cards
  3. Cards are placed into their categories (Brain, Head, Arm, Leg, Torso, Back)


  1. All player base stats are ATK: 2 DEF: 2 SP:0
  2. Roll the dice to move, the number rolled is the highest amount a player can move.
  3. Once players obtains a body part, they can add the speed stat on the card to the number they rolled and that becomes the highest amount a player can move. 
  4. Players cannot move diagonally and cannot move across boundaries (white lines). You can only cross through bridges that connect each section.
  5. When a player lands on a red space, that player is allowed to pick up one card from it’s specific section and obtain the stats on that card.
  6. The red spaces are safe areas, combat cannot be initiated. If you are in a red space, your next turn cannot be another red space.
  7. When a player lands on a green space with the black border, that player is allowed to pick up a stat card.


  1. If two players are within one space of each other and both are not in a red space, combat is initiated. 
  2. During combat both players loses defense stats based on the attack stats of their opponent.
  3. If your defense stat is or below 0 you die.
  4. Attacker’s cannot die, if your opponent’s attack is greater than your defense, then your defense stat goes to 0.
  5. If you killed a player you may take one of their body parts (one that you don’t have), the other player keeps the rest. 
  6. It is fine to obtain more of the same body part, but it does not count in the full set.
  7. Players that are killed must respawn at the center and lose their current stat cards. 
    1. If the player has a body part(s), their stats are equal to the stats on their current body cards.
    2. If you do not have body parts than you start over with the base stats. (ATK: 2 DEF: 2 SP:0)


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